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Teleport Exec
Version 1.72
Price:  $2,495.00

Evaluation Tools

Teleport Exec is a scriptable webspider, executed from a command-line, batch file, or another program.  It has only a limited graphical interface, used for debugging; normally, this interface is hidden.  The program is designed for developers and integrators who need to combine a powerful webspider with another application.

There are three tools you can use to evaluate Teleport Exec:

  • The Teleport Exec manual gives complete documentation of the program's API in PDF format.
  • The trial version of Teleport Ultra can be used to determine if Teleport Exec can explore sites you are interested in crawling.
  • If you've already evaluated the previous two options, you can email us a request for a trial version of Teleport Exec itself.  Because of the nature of this software, we make available a time-limited trial version of Teleport Exec only to developers with an appropriate need who will use it responsibly.
If you have evaluated Teleport Exec and wish to purchase it, click here

Clients who use Teleport Exec and Exec/VLX include

CIA U.S. Central Command U.S. Dept. of Justice

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