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Teleport Ultra
Version 1.72 for Windows
Price:  $195.95
registered Teleport Pro users get a $30 discount

Download:Click Here to Download (trial version)
Manual:Click here for a printable tutorial and manual in PDF format.

You can download a free and fully functional but capacity-limited trial version of Teleport Ultra right now.  If you like it, you can purchase the program through our website, which enables you to download the full, unlimited version.

If you decide to purchase the program, your license is for life, and all upgrades are free.  In addition, purchasing entitles you to free technical support.

Teleport Ultra is distributed as a self-installing program.  Follow these steps to download the program and install it:

  1. Click here to download the trial version of the program. If your browser asks you whether to Open it or Save it, choose "Open."  (If you have to save it, remember where you saved it, and double-click it to run it after the download is complete.)
  2. The installation program will ask you a few questions, and then it will install Teleport Ultra and create Start menu icons for the program and documentation.  You can then run it from your Start menu.

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