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WebDisc Website-to-CD Copying Service

Frequently Asked Questions

With the WebDisc™ service, we produce copies of your website on CDs, DVDs, or other digital storage media.  The copies can be browsed by any computer with a browser.

Q:  Is WebDisc a service or a software program?
WebDisc is a service run by Tennyson Maxwell in which we copy websites to fixed media; it is not a software program.

Q:  How much does WebDisc cost?
The cost of a WebDisc copy depends on the size and complexity of the copied content.  To obtain a free price quote, you can use our online quote system.  We will scan the site and deliver a fixed price quote by email.

Q:  How many copies of the WebDisc will I receive?
We send you two master discs, which you are then free to duplicate as you'd like.  We can also duplicate discs for you, including on-disc printing and sleeves or cases.  Please contact us directly for more information if you are planning large-scale duplication.

Q:  My site uses ASP, or PHP, or Perl.  Can it be copied?
Yes, we can copy dynamically generated sites.  The only issue is whether the total size of the content is within the limit of what can fit on a disc.

Q:  What options do I have for controlling how my WebDisc will function?
There are several different options for handling complex content on a WebDisc.  For example, we can rewrite links to files that are not copied so that they point back to the live server, or to a "boundary" page that we generate, or to a Javascript pop-up box that explains why the file was not copied.  We are also able to customize WebDiscs to meet your exact requirements.  For example, we can add keyword search functionality to the disc; we can create custom introductory or boundary pages; and we can add or modify content as required to make the disc more usable for your audience.

Q:  What are the advantages of WebDisc over programs like Teleport Pro, and/or other webspider programs?
While Teleport Pro is an excellent program to use for general website copying, it is not as advanced as the software that we use for WebDisc.  With WebDisc, we can copy sites that use javascript, flash, imported style sheets, dynamic HTML, and many other types of complex content not supported by the Teleport webspiders, or any other commercially available website copying programs.

Q:  How do you make the copy, and how long does it take?
We produce the copy by "spidering" your site from our facilities in the United States.  We then rewrite the information we receive so that it is browsable from static media, and we generate two master copies.  For most sites, the process requires one to two days.  For duplication services, which we also provide, delivery time will depend on the quantity ordered.

Q:  Why can't I just make a copy of the files on my web server?
The copying process is not as simple as it sounds.  The files on your server are all interlinked, so that when you click on a link in your browser, the browser goes to some other location on your server.  Restoring those files in another location means the links between them will break.  Also, your server environment (webserver, database, and server-side code system, such as ASP) must be identical to reproduce the original site with the original files.  If anything changes at all, a raw file copy is very unlikely to work.

Q:  Will the spidering process affect my server?
No.  We use about as much bandwidth as a regular browser.  You'll never even know we were there.

Q:  What are my choices for storage media?
We can produce website copies on any media, from CDs to external hard drives.  We can also make the copy available for download, so you can make your own copies directly from the web.

Q:  Will my site fit on a business card CD?
A business card CD can hold about 50 MB.  When we scan your site to produce a quote, we'll tell you how big it is.  If it won't fit on the media you want, we can trim or exclude files, and even in some cases to compress files, to try to make it fit.  To determine how big it is, use our online quote system to submit a quote request, and we'll scan it.

Q:  I'd like to distribute copies of my site to end users.  What types of computers will it work on?
A WebDisc™ will work on any computer that has a browser.  The WebDisc contains pure data:  it requires no software.  WebDiscs are usable on Windows, Macs, Linux, Unix, and OS/2 machines.  On Windows machines, the website pops up when the disc is inserted in the drive.  For other machines, the user just has to double-click the home page on the disc to start it up.

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