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WebDisc Website-to-CD Copying Service

WebDisc Features

SIMPLE:  WebDiscs require no software and are remarkably simple to use.  Put the disc in the drive and the home page pops up automatically.  No software, no installation, no settings, no uninstallation.

PORTABLE:  WebDiscs work on any computer with any browser -- Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, OS/2, anything.  And WebDiscs can go anywhere -- trade shows, conventions, courtrooms, offsite demos -- no Internet required.

FUNCTIONAL:  In addition to being perfectly functional standalone copies of a site, WebDiscs can also contain live links to the original server, establishing a seamless connection where necessary to allow users to conduct searches, buy things, sign up for accounts, and submit questions.

PERMANENT:  WebDiscs are static, serverless, self-contained copies of a website or any web-based data.  Because they require no software to view or use, a WebDisc copy created today will work identically years from now -- long after your current website backup is no longer functional.

We can create complete copies of most small- to medium-sized websites within a day or two.  Larger sites may require more time. Obtaining a quote for time and cost to create a WebDisc copy of any site is easy:  just click here to submit a quote request.  We will evaluate the site and deliver a quote to you by email, usually within a few hours. 

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